GnuPG incompatible with windows-vista ?

Sebsatian von Thadden svt at
Wed Mar 14 04:46:26 CET 2007

Hi Henry,

> REM ADD THIS TO YOUR %PATH% HKLM entry (copy & paste):
> ;%ProgramFiles%\GNU\GnuPG
> Getting to where to do it (just hope Vista is same):
> Start -> Control Panel -> System   (double click)
>   {Advanced}   (tab)
>     [Environment Variables]   (button)
> Select PATH in the System variables and tack the addition suggested
> on to the end of it and see if that works. The fine points of these
> instructions go for W2K, XP, and 2003 Server. Vista may have
> changed how to get to things.  It will NOT change the fact that
> adding stuff to the %PATH% cures LOTS of problems.
> If you do that, and the problem still isn't fixed, THEN we have a bug.
> A lot of people have been saying this or that won't work with Vista.
> The appropriate additions to the %PATH% or the setting of other
> environment variables usually fixes their problem.  OTOH, I haven't
> seen their changes to the Registry.  I am still using REG4 *.reg
> files (which will work up through 2003 Server) if that tells you
> anything.

I had already added the gnupg-directory to my path-variables and I've
tested it. The path-variable works correct.

I think, gpg can find the program correct, because
"gpg: DBG: system() command is C:\gnupg\gpgkeys_curl.exe"
is in the output. I've installed gpg in this dir, to test, if the
vista-roaming-function make problems (The auto-roaming of vista does
only work in system-dirs like program_files or windows, but not in other
dirs on a partition.

To analyse the problem, I've tried to change the props of the exe-files
in vista:

Run as admin, win2000 compatibility, winxpSP2 compatibility... All of
these probs don't have any positive effect.

Thanks for your idea!


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