Pinpad problem with SCM SPR532

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Mar 14 10:28:55 CET 2007


It does not seem to be a regression.  After connecting the reader and
running scdaemon as:

  gpg-agent --daemon sh

  gpgsm --edit-key 
I entered the command "verify" and got the same error as you.  ThenI
stopped scdaemon (exit from the shell) and run the same comamnds
again.  Now it works.  However the right LED (enter pin) keeps lit
after the PIN has been entered.

Thus there is something wrong with the internal state of the reader.
I can't recall whether I noticed that in the past.  This needs further

As a workaround I would kill scdaemon so that gpg-agent starts a new
one - which should then work as described above.

[tracked as bug 773]



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