Enabling GPGRelay passphrase prompt on e-mail startup

starsipping johns at netfriends.com
Tue Mar 13 16:11:58 CET 2007

GPGRelay works great in our current 15 user setup.  However, some of my users
miss the opportunity to enter in their GPGRelay passphrase when their mail
client first notifies them to enter in their passphrase upon receipt of
encrypted mail.  If they don't see that they need to enter in their
passphrase, then after about 30 seconds GPGRelay times out and relays the
e-mail in it's encrypted for into their inbox.  

While this isn't the end of the world since they can still copy the body of
the e-mail to the clipboard, decrypt it and then past the decrypted contents
into Notepad or something similar, we're hoping that we can find a way to
make GPGRelay prompt for the passphrase immediately upon startup or when
their mail client first checks e-mail so they have some consistency.  As it
is now, the users may not get prompted to enter in their password until some
random time in the middle of the day when they first receive some encrypted

Does anyone know how to modify when GPGRelay can prompt for the passphrase
to force it to prompt upon initial startup or upon initial receipt of email?

For full disclosure, all the clients are running on Windows 2000/XP, Outlook
2003 as the mail client, GPG client 1.4.1 and GPGRelay 0.959.

Thanks so much!

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