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Thu Mar 15 04:10:19 CET 2007

Bruce Cowin wrote:
> If I have generated a key using PGP Desktop, would I be able to import and
> use that key with GnuPG? Our subscription to PGP Desktop is about to expire and it
> says the functionality will be reduced to that of PGP Freeware. All we do with
> it is encrypt files (not emails), so I think this is ok. I'm not sure if the PGP
> Desktop gui interface will stop working or not, so thought we could use GnuPG
> and Gpg4Win which we currently use on another project to replace PGP Desktop.

The PGP GUI in freeware mode should continue working. The paid elements include
the email plugins and PGPdisk.

It is fairly easy to import your entire keyring set to GnuPG

	gpg --import \path\to\secring.skr
	gpg --import \path\to\pubring.pkr

The above works at this time (PGP 9.x and GnuPG 1.4). It will quire possibly
change at some future date. The canonical method is to export the keys from PGP
and import them into GnuPG. Adding '--import-options import-local-sigs' to the
command line will import local signatures.

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