how to only signate a mail by GnuPG, command line?

dotdoms office at
Wed Mar 28 16:06:42 CEST 2007


I am brand new to PGP and GnuPG, so my question might sound dumb, but I am
really stuck for days now, so I hope and would be thankful to probably
receive some answer here.

I am trying to send a GnuPG signe email by PHP. The PHP part of it isn´t
really a problem to me, but I don´t get the correct command line for GnuPG
to do as I need.

I tried so far that:
gpg -o signature_file.txt --clearsign original_file.txt

The point is I don´t know the syntax how to add the Emailadress/Key ID which
should sign the signature_file. E.g. something like that (allthough that
obviously ain´t the correct syntax):
gpg -o signature_file.txt --clearsign original_file.txt
myemailadress at domain.tld

Thx in advance :)

best regards, dd

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