gpg doesn't seem to execute within windows application

rjkunkel rjkunkel at
Fri Mar 23 19:26:39 CET 2007

We are running a windows application that allows us to call a batch program
or executable.  I can run gpg with not problem from the DOS Command prompt
under Windows XP.  WHen I try to run it under my application, it doesn't
seem to execute to create the encrypted file.

I am using the command line:
gpg -o enc_file -v -e -r "recipient name" sendfile

I put the -v to allow my application to capture the verbose text, but I
don't get any text back from the execution.  The call is being made in the
application with spawnvp(_P_NOWAIT, xcmd, parms);
char xcmd[128]; 
char *parms[20];

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