need a lot of entropies - help me pls :)

Piotr Firlej piotr.firlej at
Sat May 5 15:59:07 CEST 2007


I'm new here, have subscribed to maillist coz have spent a lot of time
on google and so on and there are few things I cannot pass thru with
GPG and my own set up deadline is comming ;)

My problem is I need to generate a lot of keys, up to 100 / hr and
machine i wanna use for it doesn't do anything except keys generation
but to do that i need a lot of entropies.

Possibilities I have found is:
1) run something on machine I wanna use, that will generate entropies,
i.e. light/temperature checker plugged to LPT or so to provide the
same stuff to /dev/random as does keyboard/mouse moves
2) run Entropy Gathering Daemon

Ad1) have no time to build it and even have no idea if that would work out
Ad2) have installed EGD, have started as an server, have
recompilled GPG with --enable-static-rnd=egd there was no problem at
all while compilation. Now when i try to generate key i get:

gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir `/kluczegpg2/.gnupg'
gpg: invalid module `/usr/local/lib/gnupg/rndegd':
/usr/local/lib/gnupg/rndegd: nie moĹźna otworzyÄ pliku obiektu
dzielonego: Nie ma takiego pliku ani katalogu

last info means: cannot open file shared object: there is no such file or dir

and that's true, there is not, i have no idea how and where to take it
from to be able to put it there. In gnupg in sources i have /cypher
where i can find module, but that doesn't help when i move it

any ideas guys? i stucked and have no idea what else could i do...
maybe some other idea instead of EGD? i just need a lot of entropies

Ciao :)

Best regards,
Piotr Firlej

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