gpgpgsm merging public kbx / exporting all keys

Werner Koch wk at
Fri May 11 10:29:56 CEST 2007

On Thu, 10 May 2007 13:02, bernhard at said:

> gpgsm --export >exported-x509-keys
> does not work.
> gpgsm: exporting more than one certificate is not possible in binary mode

That is because most X.509 tools will take only the first ANS.1 object
and ignore any concatenated objects.  This is actually correct for an
ASN.1 based system.  There is no widely used standard for putting
severeal keys int one object, thus we better allow only for one key.

>     gpgsm --armor --export >exported-x509-keys
> and gpgsm --import exported-x509-keys works. standard except for PEM encoded certificates - thus this works.

> While doing so I looked up the documentation "export [PATTERN]"
> and searching for PATTERN did not result into the section that
> explains how to select a user id. I suggest to add a sentence 
> which contains "PATTERN" to this section.

Reads now:

`--export [PATTERN]'
     Export all certificates stored in the Keybox or those specified by
     the optional PATTERN. Those pattern consist of a list of user ids
     (*note how-to-specify-a-user-id::).  When used along with the
     `--armor' option a few informational lines are prepended before
     each block.  There is one limitation: As there is no commonly
     agreed upon way to pack more than one certificate into an ASN.1
     structure, the binary export (i.e. without using `armor') works
     only for the export of one certificate.  Thus it is required to
     specify a PATTERN which yields exactly one certificate.

> Also with gpg you can just
> gpg --import pubring.gpg which makes merging a lot easier.

Most people here can guess my reply: No, no, no. This is an undocumented
feature which works only due to the coincidence that the external and
internal format is very similar.  The inetrnal format may be changed at
any time.  The only way to access the keyrings is by using --import and

> For the gpg trust-list there are command line options for exporting
> and importing. So I would suggest to add least add the example
> of the recommended way to the manual and textinfo documentation.

You mean: Howto migrate a key from one system to the other?  Well, I can
add a short howto.  The new GnuPG manual has anyway a section with



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