Secure text editor?

Thomas Vollmer thomas-ml at
Tue May 15 09:25:55 CEST 2007

On Montag, 14. Mai 2007, Henry Hertz Hobbit wrote:
> You wrote:
> > I use my standard text edit for this. It is vim with the
> > gnupg plugin from Markus Braun:
> >
> >
> > installed.

Please keep the discussion in the mailing list.

> what I want.  But I must be missing something. Attached is a
> test file named test.txt.asc.  It was encrypted with the
> TWOFISH symmetric cipher and password "test" (without
> the quotes).
> How do I read it into gvim?  I did put the gnupg.vim file into
> the $HOME/.vim/plugin folder as they said, but I must be missing
> something on how to do the encryption and decryption.  I did
> notice the default was to NOT use symmetric encryption, but only
> when writing NEW files.
> g:GPGPreferSymmetric
> The main problem is that I have NEVER worked with plugins
> before.  But if you give me the steps to read and write the
> attached file with gvim, I will summarize to the newsgroup
> on how to use it with symmetric ciphers, especially with
> Windows since that was what was requested (and what I want).
> All I get with gvim is a:
> Messsage could not be decrypted! (Press ENTER)
> I get it whether I open the file after starting or typing
> something like the following in a terminal:
> $ gvim test.txt.asc &
> # or
> # gvim test.txt
> # but if I type:
> $ vim test.txt.asc
> I am prompted for the password, and it works.  That's just
> fine for Linux / Macintosh, but getting it to work with
> gvim is paramount for making it to work on Windows.  There
> is no "vim" on Windows, just "gvim".
> I am using gvim & vim versions 6.3.86 on Fedora Core 3 (no
> snickers, I like this version of FC, and my machine really
> can't run FC6 - not enough engine).  I downloaded this
> version of the script:
>              Script
> Package      Version   Date             VIM Version
> gnupg.vim    1605      2007-04-05       6.0
> Tell me if that was the wrong one.  I assume it isn't,
> because it DOES work with vim.  It just doesn't work with
> gvim.

Do You have the gpg-agent running? This is required for gvim.

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