Printing Keys and using OCR.

Joseph Oreste Bruni jbruni at
Thu May 17 18:36:00 CEST 2007

>David Shaw wrote:
>> Most of the storage media in use today do not have particularly
>> good long-term (measured in years to decades) retention of data.
>> If and when the CD-R and/or tape cassette and/or hard drive the
>> secret key is stored on becomes unusable, the paper copy can be
>> used to restore the secret key. If you have the passphrase but the
>> secret key that it encrypted was on that bad CD-R, you have nothing
>Aren't optical discs supposed to last for many decades if stored
>properly and almost never used?

Stamped aluminum disks will last a very long time. However, burnable disks might last around five years or so depending on quality.

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