Secure text editor?

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Hi all,
 We are planning to use GPG tool in our application which is JAVA Based.
 Could you please let me know that, how can i use GPG encryption and
decryption using JAVA.
below is criteria on which i have to evaluate GPG
Evaluate GPG tool -- 
i.Invoking this tool from Java. If this is not supported some other tool
ii.Storage of keys/certificated in keystore
iii.Using the keys/certificates for encryption & decryption.
Note: Encryption and decryption will be of a given file name at any
Means I gon't want to pass input as string but a file name.
I have already gone through file which does e/d of passed
I am looking for some API which I can directly use.
iv.Encrypt and decrypt for compressed as well as other files like text,
pdf, excel etc.

   any help will be appritiable.

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Ryan Malayter wrote:
> On 5/17/07, Alessandro Vesely <vesely at> wrote:
>> Not quite. That may happen as an undocumented side effect on some (or

>> all) OS versions, and is not what the function is meant to do.
> The documentation clearly states:
> "These pages are guaranteed not to be written to the pagefile while 
> they are locked."

Ooops, I hadn't noticed that. Yes, then VirtualAlloc and VirtualLock can
be used to avoid leaving traces of sensitive data on the swap file in
the way you described (i.e. lock before fill and sweep before

I still think that's not the kind of task that the function has been
designed for. The authorization constrain you mentioned and other
possible side effect tend to make it unpractical for naive usage.

However, a background console app that allocates a few memory pages for
storing sensitive data (e.g. a gpg agent?) should use it to increase
data security.

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