Printing Keys and using OCR.

James Cloos cloos at
Fri May 18 00:23:27 CEST 2007

>>>>> "Roscoe" == Roscoe <eocsor at> writes:

Roscoe> I have tried printing out a key, then scanning and using gocr on
Roscoe> the result.  That was unsuccessful due to the high number of
Roscoe> errors in the OCR phase,

Use the OCRA font.  I did that in the past scaled so that the key used
up most of a single letter sized sheet of paper.  I probably used mpage¹
or enscript² to do the conversion to PostScript (it has been a while :).

OCRA was designed to be scanned first and read by humans second, so it
should give the best performance for this purpose.  And you can follow
along to confirm or type in the key if necessary.

OCRB would be the second choice, but I'd go for OCRA.

CTAN has metafont versions of OCRA and OCRB if you use TeX.

You can get Type1 and TTF versions of OCRA from the ocr-a-font³ project
on sourceforge.


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