Printing Keys and using OCR.

Roscoe eocsor at
Sun May 20 08:58:03 CEST 2007

Thanks for all the replies :)

I just tried OCR-A but with limited success. Will add in par2 and see
how things go with that.

2D barcode seems alot more suited to the problem, will report back on
how well that goes :)

And yes, the ctan ocr package does have +=-/

> I got the the OCRA.ttf font from this link but it doesn't have the + - /
> and = characters used it the ascii ouptput of gpg. Do the fonts from
> CTAN have those chars. OCRA.ttf has a few other symbols. We could
> replace the + - / and = chars with the symbols in the OCRA.ttf font
> before printing. Perhaps also replace the lowercase L and the one and
> the zero and the uppercase O.

> At first I was thinking that printing the keys in an ascii format would
> be superior to a barcode because it would be human readable(at least
> readable enough to retype), but then I realized that it wouldn't take
> much damage to the paper to render it unrecoverable. Barcodes are more
> resilient. But they're not human readable. Maybe the way to go is to use
> both. Or maybe we should create something like base64 but with error
> correction chars in both the horizontal and vertical direction. Or maybe
> we should just print multiple copies. Or maybe print in base16, though
> we'd still need/want error correction.
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