easy way to confirm email validity

ptr peter_z_g at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 24 19:29:11 CEST 2007

I cannot "force" my recipients to install any PGP software so I was thinking
about creating signature verification form on my website. If someone wanted
to check if the email is really from me, he/she could paste the signed email
part on the form, then the server-side script would verify that.

I'm quite new to PGP, so correct me if I'm wrong and don't laugh too much :)
; would this be achievable?
I know I'd need to have my public key accessible to the validation script.

While writting this response I've actually stumbled across a page that I
think does what I need (http://www.sin-online.nl/ds/)

Actual coding of the script should be v.easy, I'm just not sure if the
concept is correct.

Thanx in advance

Robert J. Hansen-3 wrote:
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>> I'm looking at easy way for my email recipients to validate that  
>> email sent
>> from me is actually from me.
> The obvious way is to suggest they use an OpenPGP application, such  
> as GnuPG or PGP, to verify your signature.
>> Is there some secure provider of such service?
> It all depends on whom you're willing to trust, and how much you're  
> willing to trust them.
>> Are there maybe better ways to do it?
> If they need to validate your email, OpenPGP is one of the best ways  
> to do it.  S/MIME would also work well for the task.
> (Given that this is the GnuPG-Users mailing list, any further  
> comments I make on this will be GnuPG only.  However, honesty  
> required that I point out alternatives.)
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