gpg and crpn

Peter S. May me at
Thu May 31 01:04:07 CEST 2007

Arsha Bertie wrote:
> i have been trying to run a script which encrypts and transfers files
> between 2 branches, i am using gpg for encryption, i have written a bash
> script and the script is working perfectly fine, but when i run it off a
> cron it doesnt want to work. 

Are you also testing the command manually as root?  If not, you'll
probably want to run the task from your own user instead (you can edit
your own user's cron tasks by doing "crontab -e").

> 30 * * * * root /backup/ > /tmp/ab.log
> ~
> Thr log file /tmp/ab.log is created after the cron executes but it is an

If you're trying to get the errors, you need to redirect stderr (i.e.
"2>"), not stdout (i.e., ">").  Try:

/backup/ 2> /tmp/ab.log

Good fortune

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