LDAP PGP Keyserver

Proskurin Kirill k.proskurin at fxclub.org
Thu Oct 4 15:42:30 CEST 2007

David Shaw wrote:
> When you run ./configure to build GPG, what does it say about LDAP?
> It would be something like this:
>  checking whether LDAP via "-lldap" is present and sane... yes
> If it doesn't say 'yes', then you're not building with LDAP support.
> Depending on your OS, you often need to install a "devel" package for
> this (so, openldap-devel or similar).
> David
Im use FreebBSD 6.2 now.
Then im run a
% portupgrade -N gnupg

Im put a cross on "ldap support"...

It must be really compile with ldap support.


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