pinentry-mac never displays any UI [seems to be solved]

Christoph Mockenhaupt gnupg at
Thu Oct 18 16:53:45 CEST 2007


I stumbled over the same problem. I am using mac-gnupg-2.0.4-2 from Ben.
echo GETPIN | /Applications/ shows 
the pinentry dialog, though.

But testing it together with gpg-agent didn't work (using something 
like 'echo "test" | gpg -ase -r KEY | gpg'). The pinentry icon bounced in the 
dock but no UI is shown (this seems to be the same problem Richard had).

I was able to solve the problem by simply deleting the "no-grab" option from 
gpg-agent.conf (*hehe* "simply", took me ages to figure that out).

Everything works fine, now. Thanks Ben for your work. Since kde-3.5.6 I was 
not able to use gpg in kmail because the usage of gpg-agent is not optional 
any longer. And I wasn't able to get this working till now.

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