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bjr149 <bjr149 at> wrote:

> I worked with a client who sent me their public key which was
> a nice text file. Im trying to export my public key to a text
> file but everytime I run it I get a bunch of jumble garbage.
> C:\GNU\GnuPG>gpg --export "key name" > C:\GNU\GnuPG\public.key

I'm new to gpg too, just started using it in April.

If I want to export my public key to a file using the Linux
command line tools, I would do this:

 gpg --armor --export CronoCloud at >

Have you tried out GPA (Gnu Privacy Assistant)? For new users
that might be easier to use and it's included in the GPG4Win
builds. Using that, just select your key, hit export, choose a
name for your exported key and you're done.

> Can you have more than one key with the same name and a
> different user name?

Sure, or you can add UID's to a key.

CronoCloud (Ron Rogers Jr.)
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