losing meaningful whitespaces in an encrypted file

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Thu Sep 6 16:41:20 CEST 2007

paladino wrote:
> When I look at the file here, immediately before it is encrypted, the 13
> white spaces are still there. When I look at the file at the vendor,
> immediately after decryption, the 13 spaces are gone.

Have you tried a test decryption on your end?  E.g., encrypt the file
with your own public key and then decrypt that, and see whether the 13
spaces are present?

Also, version numbers would be very useful--both GnuPG on your end and
PGP on the vendor's end.

This may very well be a PGP problem as opposed to a GnuPG problem, in
which case you may be better served on a PGP list such as PGP-Basics at
Yahoo! Groups.

> Is there anything obvious that could be causing something like this?  Which
> end is it more likely the problem is at?

Impossible to say without more information.  My inclination is to think
it's probably on the vendor's end, especially if you're using a recent
version of GnuPG.  There are a lot of PGP 5.0 and 6.5.8 installations
out there, and both of them substantially predate the OpenPGP standard
which GnuPG conforms to.

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