Error using wildcards in gnupg

ayush ayush.jha at
Thu Sep 6 21:38:53 CEST 2007

I am using gnupg version 1.2.1 .
I am able to decrypt files in a folder if I specify the file name in the
command for eg:
gpg -o c:\decryption\spacs.txt --decrypt "c:\decryption\wild

but if I use
gpg -o c:\decryption\spacs.txt --decrypt "c:\decryption\wild card\*.pgp"
I get file open error.

Point to be noted is that, the wildcard thing works if the file path is
for eg: 
gpg -o c:\decryption\spacs.txt --decrypt "c:\decryption\*.pgp"
works for me fine! but as soon as there is any included space in the file
path, it stops working.
I have tried with quotes , without quotes.
Any suggestions will be more than welcome.

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