gpgsm and Kmail and X509 certificates

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Sep 20 08:31:31 CEST 2007

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 02:49, gnichols at said:

> [graeme at barney ~]$ gpgsm -K
> /home/graeme/.gnupg/pubring.kbx
> -------------------------------
> gpgsm: DBG: connection to agent established
> secmem usage: 0/16384 bytes in 0 blocks
> [graeme at barney ~]$
>> this should show you your own certificates
> It didn't as you can see.

With own certificates I meant, Your certifciate plus your private key.

Did you import the key at all?

> [graeme at barney ~]$ gpgsm --passwd gnichols at
> gpgsm: DBG: connection to agent established
> gpgsm: error changing passphrase: No such file or directory

That means that your private key does not exists.  To manually check
this do:

  gpgsm --dump-key 2D:0D:02:D5:2E:0F:D9:C7:31:48:C8:A2:63:13:6F:AD:C7:21:27:34

Youy will notice a line

  keygrip: <40-hex-digits>

then check whether a file


exists. It does not and this is the reason you see "No such file or
directory" (Well, it should better read "No such secret key").

You need to get your private key as a pkcs#12 file and import it into

  gpgsm --import foo.p12



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