GnuPG v2.x?

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Wed Apr 9 21:37:12 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 09 April 2008, Paul wrote:
> On Wed, 09 Apr 2008 02:42:08 -0500
> "Robert J. Hansen" <rjh at> wrote:
> > It doesn't really matter if there were a hundred other S/MIME
> > implementations tested by Sphinx, or if GnuPG's S/MIME
> > implementation was the only one.  The Sphinx evaluation criteria
> > are what matters--not the competition.
> That maybe true, but that is not what the OP said exactly. He didn't
> say GnuPG's S/MIME implementation passed, he said 'The S/MIME
> implementation in KMail'. So, I asked what other MUAs were tested.

Did you follow the link I provided? The PDFs available on this page 
contain the test reports. They are in German but it shouldn't be a 
problem to understand which solutions were tested.

Anyway, KMail was the only Free Software MUA that was tested because 
testing costs a lot of money. The other tested solutions were 
proprietary plugins for Groupwise, Lotus Notes and MS Outlook, and a 
mail gateway running on Linux.

Note that the BSI wasn't interested in testing all available MUAs. They 
only wanted to make sure that the MUA they have chosen for usage on 
Linux was interoperable with the other solutions used by them. 
Obviously, this statement is somewhat simplified (and might even be 
incorrect). Even though I'm the former maintainer of KMail I was only 
very marginally involved in the Ägypten project.

> KMail is not the only MUA using GnuPG's S/MIME, Claws Mail does too.
> It's news to me if Claws Mail was tested - as a member of the dev
> team I would have expected to hear about it. So, I wondered, if KMail
> was the only MUA tested, then saying it is the only one that passed
> seems like a bit of semantic trickery, inferring, as it does, that
> others failed.

Shoot me for using semantic trickery. :-) I only answered Sven's 
provocative (as I understood it) question whether GnuPG's S/MIME 
implementation is actually used somewhere and what its benefits are. I 
didn't want to belittle other MUAs using GnuPG's S/MIME. Au contraire. 
IMO all Free Software MUAs should use GnuPG's S/MIME instead of rolling 
their own S/MIME implementation. I'm pretty sure passing the 
Sphinx-interoperability test wouldn't be much of a problem for any MUA 
doing so.

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