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Lokesh Madan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not the group member of this list, but i have one serious problem. In
> one of my application i want to use the libcrypt-1.4.0 version, but my
> application is in windows and i am using visual c++ compiler. can anyone
> please help me in generating the .dll and .lib files from the package 
> (libcrypt-1.4.0) so that i can directly call them.

You may wish to look at Cygwin.

You will also need libgpg-error, libintl, libiconv. You can probably use
Cygwin's source modifications along with -mno-cygwin to generate the DLLs along
with import and static libs. Whether you use Cygwin's or MinGW's GCC, you'll
also need w32api and mingw-runtime in order to interface with the Microsoft
runtime and DLLs.

Details for doing this are readily available via the handy use of Google,
"Google *IS* Your Friend™."

> I am not in the mailing list please CC me your answers. Thanks in advance

Ask here. Get your answer here.

If you wish a private answer, I'll be happy to forward you my consulting rates
and will gladly help you once I've received the minimum billing in advance.

Otherwise, please visit and

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