problem installing gnupg-2.0.9

Robert D. 210525p42015 at
Mon Apr 14 04:13:16 CEST 2008

Chris said the following:

 > *** You need libgcrypt to build this program.

I had this problem ... and I (re)(re)read the, couch, README part and noticed 
that I hadn't noticed a certain key line, located in this clip second from the 
bottom .. the phrase  "in the order" I had omitted. honestly, I did. So, since 
you didn't clarify, you may either pardon my ignorance for reminding you, or 
try to re-compile as there is a dependency:


GnuPG 2.0 depends on the following packages:

   libgpg-error (
   libgcrypt    (
   libksba      (
   libassuan    (

You also need the Pinentry package for most function of GnuPG; however
it is not a build requirement.  Pinentry is available at .

You should get the latest versions of course, the GnuPG configure
script complains if a version is not sufficient.

After building and installing the above packages in the order as given
above, you may now continue with GnuPG installation (you may also just

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