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Mark  Rousell wrote:
> Do you have the URL for the website?

In the  future, please try Google first.  You'll get answers much more
quickly  that way.

Let us know if you update. I tried using the zip file and overwriting the  
old Winpt files like I have done for years with updates and Winpt 1.3.1 would  
NOT work for me.  DOA, nada - totally nothing, no error messages, no crash  - 
just a void..
I than used their installer which did work but would not install to the  
directories as I wanted it to and so I would have had to change my path  statement 
if I wanted other programs to work or use the command line.   Finally I just 
restored and went back to 1.3.0 - this all became too much  hassle.

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