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The script you posted ("gpgwindir -r 483DC811 -e ~/src -p hilton")  instructed gpgwindir to encrypt directory ~/src with key 483DC811 and at the same time to attempt a decrypt with a passphrase hilton.  The program would be confused and not do anything.
There are 2 streams of functions

encryption: the syntax is

gpgwindir [-o "path"] -r "key" -e "path"
gpgwindir/d [-o "path"] -r "key" -e "path"   if you want to delete unencrypted source file.
Note [-o "path"] is optional.  If not provided, gpgwindir will encrypt to the same directory as source.

decrypt: the syntax is

gpgwindir [-o "path"] -p "passphrase" -d "path"
Note [-o "path"] is optional.  If not provided, gpgwindir will decrypt to the same directory as encrypted source.
General note: 

Ensure that paths are quoted 
Ensure keys and passphrases are quoted or properly escaped if they have the space character.
I will happy to help you further if there still any issues. 

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How does this program work?

Here is what I tried:

gpgwindir -r 483DC811 -e ~/src -p hilton

Nothing happened ?? Where is the encrypted directory?

I also tried this:

gpgwindir -o ~/src-encrypt -r 483DC811 -e ~/src -p hilton
The syntax of the command is incorrect.
Invalid number of parameters
/home/Vibdog/src-encrypt was unexpected at this time.

Strange things going on here!
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