How to Append an Encrypted file with new data(file).

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On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 04:26:50PM +0530, Munish Chauhan wrote:
> Hello
> After executing several applications, any file appearing in some X
> folder I am encrypting them and keeping them in some other folder Y. But
> Let's say I have File.Doc.gpg there in Y folder and I got new file with
> same name(File.Doc) at X folder. Now instead of creating another
> encrypted file in Y folder, I want my existing encrypted file
> (File.Doc.gpg) should be appened with the new data arrived in new
> File.Doc file.

This was discussed on this list last month; the short answer is,
"you can't do this".  A slightly longer answer is "you might be
able to do something like that by ASCII-armoring the separate files
(encrypted) and then appending them to the .gpg file".  This ought
to be doable even with MS-DOS batch files, if they have grown
the capability to test if a file exists; granted, I've not looked at
the extensions to the MS-DOS batch file language since sometime
around version 4.0 or so, and my memories are a bit stale.

For the full discussion, take a look at


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