gnupg for file splitting and re-constituting

vedaal at vedaal at
Mon Feb 4 20:07:45 CET 2008

if someone has a large program, or file, (*any* file type)
and wants to split it,
send the fragments and reconstitute it,
it is a trivial (although minorly tedious) thing to do using gnupg

All that is necessary is to armor the program,
and then split the resulting textfile into smaller parts of 
suitable message size,
and send it as numbered inline e-mail texts,
and then concatenate the texts of all the fragments,
and then restore the program by de-armoring it. 

have put up an example of a 2.5 mb truecrypt container, containing 
two files, where the truecrypt container was armored signed and 
and the armored pgp ouput split into five parts, which when 
concatenated, decrypts back to the original truecrypt container

(scroll down to section [11], 
otherwise you may suffer hunger, thirst or incredible boredom 
if you try to read from the beginning ;-)) )

anyone interested in writing a short script in bash, python, perl  
etc. to automate the file splitting and reconstituting, using gnupg 



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