need example of passing clear text to gpg from another app without using temp files

User 1001 supraexpress at
Tue Feb 12 20:49:37 CET 2008

Luke Powell wrote:
> On 02/11/2008 03:30 PM, Dave (My-IOP) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to pass clear text from a text editor to gpg for encryption (on
>> a Linux system). Currently it is being done by writing the clear text
>> to a temp file and having gpg read that temp file and then write it
>> back out as an encrypted file. Obviously, it would be much better to
>> avoid ever writing the clear text to disk.
>> How can I pass the clear text to gpg via a pipe and avoid using the
>> temp file on disk?
>> I am a noob (to both Linux and gpg), so a very clear example is
>> greatly appreciated.

Gedit has a Text Encryption plugin to encrypt text provided from
Seahorse which is a front-end to GnuPG

from seahorse makefile:
  GEDIT "Enable GEdit plug-in support" on

(don't know if it uses a temporary file or not).

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