New to GnuPG and OpenGPG

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Wed Feb 13 17:45:30 CET 2008

Hello everyone,

I am rookie to GPG, so please bare with me when I ask some 'rookie' 
questions ... :-)

I am trying to import keys into OpenPGP on an AIX box, which were created 
using GnuPG (version 1.48) on windows. I am getting the following error: -

%:     IBMpgp -verify my-win-key

                 IBMpgp Tool - RFC 2440 implementation on AIX
 Support Information
    Asymmetric algorithms: RSA, DSA
    Symmetric algorithms : Triple-DES, CAST5
    Hash algorithms      : SHA1, MD5
    Compression/Decompression : Not yet supported
                 Key Flags: Not handling at the moment ... skipping.

 Failed to verify the signature

I can import the keys into GnuPG on my windows machine, that were created 
by OpenPGP on the AIX box.

Is there a compatibility issue? Do I have to work with GnuPG version 2.08 
to make this work.

Thanks in advance


Shaz Zeb 
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