Corporate use of gnupg

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Feb 19 22:14:55 CET 2008

vedaal at wrote:
> a simple corporate solution,

Again, check the patent and then check with a patent lawyer.  The patent 
language is suitably broad that this sort of thing might be construed by 
a court to fall under the patent.

Technical fixes to provide ADK-like functionality are well and good, but 
if you aren't looking at the patent and creating this new technology 
with an eye towards avoiding the patent, you're playing the legal 
version of Russian roulette.

If you want ADK-like functionality, you have two real choices:

	(a) buy a commercial PGP product,
	(b) spend $200/hr on a patent attorney to make sure your
	    solution doesn't infringe.

Of course, all this is null and void if you live in a jurisdiction where 
software cannot be patented.

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