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Hi All

Isnt it pretty easy to have a script on the server (try to) decrypt each
email. If the email decrypts, fine else not allow the email to go
through. That will force people to retain the option in conf file if
they want their message to reach. 

Hardeep Singh

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On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 07:00:12PM -0800, Texaskilt wrote:
> I guess what we are wanting is for every mail user to have their own 
> public/private key.  This way they can encrypt their own email on the 
> corporate system.
> In addition, every email would also be encrypted using the "corporate
> that would be in the hands of a select few (supposedly).
> For example, the sales force can send encrypted mail to each other, 
> but when a salesperson leaves the company, the Email Admin can 
> retreive and decrypt the email so that the salesperson's replacement 
> can pick up their accounts without too much disruption.
> Looks like this is ADK.  Is there any way to do this on gpg?

Yes.  Put "encrypt-to (the-adk-key)" in everyone's gpg.conf.

Of course, they could turn around and take it right out again.  Unless
you have pretty tight control over the environment, ADKs or encrypt-tos
are not foolproof (and that applies to both PGP and GPG).

As I said before, note that this isn't safe because of the crypto math.
It's "safe" because you can fire people who don't do it.


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