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Roscoe eocsor at
Tue Jan 1 00:12:31 CET 2008

Is this a major problem?
I'm sure it happens, but does it happen with any significant frequency?

I can't imagine such a system, which has a higher barrier to entry
than the normal social networking sites, being well received.

But sure, such a system could be constructed, perhaps you could allow
two modes of registration, one requiring a trusted key and the other
requiring ID of some sort. (Now you've made yourself effectively a
certificate authority, though)

-- Roscoe

On Jan 1, 2008 2:10 AM, Hardeep Singh <hs2412 at> wrote:
> Hi All
> Current social networking sites have a major problem: anybody can
> download your photograph and related details, edit them to his wish,
> and repost on the same site.
> I would suggest the following: building of, or using an existing WOT
> and each person wishing to join the social networking site be asked to
> get his profile (photo, name, DOB and some basic details) signed by
> three people already in the WOT. Once this is done, a centralised
> identity, sign the profile having verified the signatures by the other
> three people. Uploads of the photo and profile to any social
> networking site would then require a profile signed by the centralised
> authority. An exchange of any secret can be done to ensure that the
> person uploading the profile is the owner, and the basic details
> entered by the uploader verified against those in the profile.
> Does this make sense? Is there a way to make this work without the
> centralised identity?
> Regards
> Hardeep
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