Trimming Per Recipient Rules list

Charly Avital shavital at
Sat Jan 5 13:33:27 CET 2008

Robert D. <210525p42015 at> wrote the following on 1/5/08 
5:43 AM:
> I noticed today that my Per Recipient Rules list is in sad disarray.
> Furthermore, the list is huge, by my standards and patience level.
> I would like to push all those entries that have a "Key" associated, up
> into the top of the list, but rapidly, not "Move-Up ,, Move-Up"

I couldn't find any work around the gradual moving (up or down) of each 
entry by entry. Trying to select several entries together is not possible.

Maybe you could find some information in user specific files. From 
Enigmail help pages:

     * The settings are stored in an XML file in your profile folder 
called pgprules.xml.
       If you delete your profile for any reason, you should be sure to 
back this file up along with your mail, user.js, etc.

> I would like to delete all the rest, if that makes sense to do

I believe you can do it, there's a button for that. I suppose that the 
next time you want to send an e-mail to any of the recipients, whose 
rule has been deleted, Enigmail will prompt you to set a rule, unless 
you disable the automatic creation of per recipient rules, in OpenPGP 
Preferences > Key Selection (see further)

  ...I am
> using Thunderbird and am not sure if and how the remainder of the list
> is used .... those entries where there is no key and the rule states to
> move on to next recipient .... because I am getting a wee bit impatient
> with Thunderbird locking herself up for long periods and was working on
> trimming things down ... compacting, expunging rules, and so forth ...
> and came across the Rules List.

Good move, but I believe that trimming Thunderbird's Inbox to zero 
entries might improve Thunderbird's performance, by saving indexing time.

If it was possible to disable the function 'automatically download keys 
for signature verification' that would be a good thing. I haven't found 
the ways to do it, maybe in pgprules.xml.

Alternatively, it is possible to disable OpenPGP>Automatically 
Decrypt/Verify Messages. I suggested, some time ago, to condition this 
rule to be "Automatically Decrypt/Verify Messages, *unless already read*.

Maybe you could also use the following (from Enigmail Help)

Tips and Tricks
If you wish to send a mail to somebody for whom you don't have a rule, 
and you wish to manually turn on signing, encryption, or PGP/MIME, it 
will be overridden by the settings in the Enigmail > Preferences > 
OpenPGP Security tab and the Per-Recipient Rules, and the message will 
be sent in plain text.

To get around this, add a new rule.

     * In the Set OpenPGP Rules for field enter @
     * Set Apply rule if recipient to Contains
     * Set Continue with the next rule for the matching address
     * Do not add any keys
     * Set Signing, Encryption, and PGP/MIME to Yes, if selected in message
     * Save the rule and ensure that it is at the bottom of the list of 

> Thanks for any help.

I am not sure I helped.


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