Question about history of hash and cipher collections

Pehr Jansson pehr at
Mon Jan 14 19:59:33 CET 2008

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On Jan 14, 2008, at 11:09 AM, Alan Olsen wrote:

> Hash: SHA512
>> From: David Shaw
>> Yes.  "gpg -v --version" will give you the algorithm numbers along
>> with the algorithm names.  However, the algorithm numbers are not
>> really relevant to anything unless you're writing OpenPGP software.
>> For years now, all programs have referred to AES256 as "AES256"
>> and not "cipher 9".
> Version will not report it that way, but decryption errors will.   
> If you have an older version of GPG that does not know about the  
> newer cypher or hash, it will report "cypher n" or "hash n".  I  
> have encountered this on systems that have not been upgraded for a  
> while.  (And, yes, there is an upgrade in process.)  The  
> information is useful in that case when you are trying to explain  
> to production people what happened when their file decryption failed.
> Version: 9.5.3 (Build 5003)
> wsBVAwUBR4uXVGqdmbpu7ejzAQrxzQf6A+V0Y0//VmtM2T5phkihrEPl//7qMr7y
> oWntZ8qBUlg2DJuChcY2KVUp7Se7y6wmikTrcdJfF9M0FxAWJ7IsVo1dxg9GDq0y
> qGJmeVlUYWHjeDw22UdwzR3xVeaJdssz2NUwlYCxRTFT0PJVfggltzREqqlrQ11I
> G9+vUUgXTdH/tHDDII++RloPO+ixWbHW2bl16wSOOIPhXx+Mmu8mqiErGUjz2BAf
> JRg45D8Oz7w7+qmRmo7wZmjKncrxYgqKYuE2ThNDdQCkS38IgAmXx6I01Fi8IE6d
> MAd0pwrrm037N19Sk1aQnlsBoSLQISvlHCas09TfV1r/54w3kp50aQ==
> =tKlq
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