is there any remote possibility to recover passphrase?

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> 19:41 (sabato), David Pic?n ?lvarez:
> > When in doubt, use brute force. So, the answer is, it depends on the
> > strenght of your passphrase.
> >
> > --David.
> So if the strenght of passphrase is something like 25 chars (a-Z,0-9,non 
> alphanumeric) I can rest assured nobody today or in a year could possibly 
> decrypt even someone with a distributed super calculus hardware power, is it? 
> Thanks
Reduce the input size smartly if you know some parts of your own
paraphrase. I had to do that a while ago after a bad bit of mistyping
(don't set a passphrase on a brand new keyboard with a slightly
different layout than you are used to).

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