Need tips on how to backup my keys

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at
Thu Jan 24 16:07:36 CET 2008

On 24 Jan 2008 at 21:38, Steven Woody wrote:

> hi,
> When one day my hardisk go bad and I can not access my keys, theose
> files I encrypted for myself would never be opened for me.  I don't
> want that, then I believe I need to make a copy of my keys ( the whole
> of ~/.gnugp directory, right? ).  But where should I keep the copy?
> It gets chance exposuring to public if I put in on a USB disk.  I like
> to hear what the method you used.

Not the whole directory is necessary, just export your private keys 
(publik keys not necessary, they are included) and/or if you like, 
your whole keyring, store it on a floppy disk or USB-stick or CD-ROM 
or anywhere else or just print it out on a sheet of paper (you would 
be able to retype it in or OCR it again in an *.asc-File). And don't 
forget to store a revocation certificate together with your backup 
copy together with your keys or better additionally at another 

Even if somebody else gets your private keys, they aren't worth 
anything for him as long as he hasn't your passphrases.

Best wishes

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