new key // sorry, bad sig

vedaal at vedaal at
Thu Jan 24 21:46:00 CET 2008

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at wrote on
Thu Jan 24 21:09:48 CET 2008

> This list doesn't do such a thing. 
>Your messages arrived with a good 
>signature in my inbox.

in the e-mailing it is ok

i posted the second one long before the list's digest form of the e-
mail went out, and generally read the posts from the web, not by e-

viewing the first post on the gnupg website:

the sig is bad,
and it is because of the protection of the e-mail addresses against 
spammers, changing the address form to <vedaal at>
(btw, a considerate measure,
but one which requires posters to be aware of it when clearsigning 
a post that includes an e-mail address)

sorry for the double posting

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