Need tips on how to backup my keys

vedaal at vedaal at
Thu Jan 24 23:42:44 CET 2008

Steven Woody narkewoody at wrote on
Thu Jan 24 14:38:33 CET 2008 :

>I believe I need to make a copy of my keys 
>( the whole of ~/.gnugp directory, right? ).


>But where should I keep the copy?

if you need access on a 24/7 basis,
*and* you use a good random passphrase


use at least 10 diceware words if you are planning the following,
20 words if you want the full complexity of a 256 bit symmetrical 

then you can zip the files together,
and symmetrically encrypt them in armored form,
and keep it in your gmail mailbox as an unsent draft

(make sure you remember your passphrase ;-))


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