How true can this be?

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Sat Jan 26 23:51:49 CET 2008

David Shaw wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 01:15:23PM -0800, Raygene wrote:
>> While discussing GnuPG on MacNN forum, someone posted the following
>> message:
>> Tonight I met this guy who works for an internet security company. they
>> help
>> governments/law agencies, what he told me is so depressing. apparently,
>> big
>> brother has the decryption keys for most internet algorithms, they
>> basically
>> can record the information and decrypt it in %95 of the cases... I am no
>> security/privacy expert, but its shocking to know that. The guy did not
>> want
>> to speak much, but he said that mac is the most secure platform from all
>> operating systems?..... does anyone know more about this?
>> Does this hold water or was that so-called security expert full of it?
>>> On the whole, the words of some random guy on some random web page
>>> quoting some other random guy that he just happened to meet might not
>>> be your best source of information.
> Thanks David,
> I do admit that this is all random and anyone can claim to be a so-called
> expert on something or other (then again, there are the know-it-alls and
> phonies) but how true is that claim? We all know that the various
> "Agencies" have super computers and some of the best programmers and
> internet security experts in the country, have you ever heard of some
> agency actually cracking a lot of people's encrypted emails or files? Is
> encryption as safe as claimed?
> Newbie paranoia, just installed MacPG and playing around with it... :-/
> Cheers,
> Gene
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