How true can this be?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sun Jan 27 22:39:20 CET 2008

John W. Moore III wrote:
> More likely a fatal traffic accident or victim of a street mugging with
> similar outcome.  People communicate in and from Jails.

I hate to rain on people's parades, but that sort of James Bond stuff 
tends to draw a lot more attention.  Assassination is an extremely 
ineffective form of censorship.  Historically speaking, effective 
governments have relied on discredit more than death for controlling 
their secrets--if someone gets a reputation in the field for being 
crazy, for being unstable, for being whatever, then nobody will listen 
to them anyway, so who cares if they're blabbing secrets?

That said, I agree with the claim that it's very unlikely that someone 
with the clearance to know about the NSA's latest crypto research would 
talk about it with others who weren't cleared.  Far, far more likely 
that someone was trying to impress others with a "if only you knew what 
I knew" fish story.

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