GnuPG (win32) on a USB stick

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Thu Jul 3 00:38:00 CEST 2008

Robert Earl Hazelett roberthazelett at
wrote on Wed Jul 2 10:29:18 CEST 2008 :

>I ask if that later model of GPG2GO
>is now available

unfortunately, Maxine Brandt,
the author of GPG2GO
passed on ...

i have copied and have been updating her site, here:

she originally planned for it to be used on a floppy,
but it can easily be used on a usb stick

i have kept her site as she left it,
and put the updates in purple italic print, as additions

read both her site and the updates,
and you can easily run it from a usb

as you have room on the USB,
copy all the gnupg files, not just gpg.exe
into whatever directory the site instructs you to put gpg.exe

as you are using Disastry's PGP,
copy the idea.dll also

all the caveats about insecure public computers still apply

all is completely FREE as per the FSF guidelines

Thanks go to the gnupg development team

(and remember Maxine in your Prayers/Thoughts/etc. ...)


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