Decryption error (block_filter read error)

Devaraj Karuppiah dkaruppiah at
Thu Jul 3 16:44:16 CEST 2008


I'm getting the following error when trying to decrypt a file received
through HTTPS on command line:

gpg: CAST5 encrypted data
gpg: block_filter 00AF8A00: read error (size=4245,a->size=1002)
Detached signature.
Please enter name of data file:
No such file, try again or hit enter to quit.
Please enter name of data file:
gpg: can't hash datafile: file read error
gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
gpg: block_filter: pending bytes!

Sender claims that the signature is attached and this error does not
duplicate on all the files received from the same sender. I am using GPG
1.4.2 on windows (tried decrypting on version 1.4.8 too); the sender uses
PGP 6.5.8. There is no CRC error reported. Any ideas?


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