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It's highly unlikely that an individual would be capable of stealing a secret key and using it to decrypt messages.  A large corporation or government, maybe.  Make your passphrases complex.
I'm a little cautious myself with my secret keys, so I use two hardware based approaches to ease my paranoia:
1.  I use an openpgp card to keep my normal signing and encryption subkeys secure.
2.  I keep my main secret key on a usb flash drive, along with backups of my secret subkeys, and public keys.
These are useful resources for further reading:
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> Hi
> I have general question regarding private key security.
> If a user creates its private public key pair by using some passphrase on a 
> system. Can this pair be taken to a different system and decrypt files that were 
> generated using its public key? My guess is no, but needed to confirm with you 
> guys. If it is possible, then how it will be done, any command to list private 
> key etc. Also how can we protect where no one can steel this private key from a 
> system other than restricting users access to the system?
> Thanks
> naeem
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