I need a portable GUI for GnuPG

Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 04:30:23 CEST 2008

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Andre Amorim escribió:
> Have you checked:
> http://portableapps.com/support/thunderbird_portable#encryption
   Yes, I love portable TB with portable gpg... but the problem is the
user would have ot go to command prompt to check a signed file...
something that most people probably wont do. Ok, I know most people wont
care about the signature... but I just need to be able to say "I have
covered the authenticity problem with... and the software is free, and
friendly enough to be used by anybody" (if I say "and the user just need
to go to command prompt and..." I would get the following answer "do you
seriously think the user will bother himself to go to the command
prompt? probably the user won't even know what is a command prompt")

> Also I trying to get gpg safer while using it as portable app. This is
> a nice freeware tool to avoid keyloggers.
> http://www.aplin.com.au/?page_id=246

  Nice! I saw something like that as a plugin for keepass, but it uses
the windows keyboard on screen, and do some thing to the registry... so
that plugin is not so portable... I will try this one. Anyway, my
current problem requires portable apps, not to be able to use the
software "anywhere", but to avoid the need to install things... I think
people is much more likely to use these tools if they read "download it,
unzip it, and you are ready to use it... if you no longer want it on
your computer, just delete the folder, nothing is stored in your
registry", than if they read "go to gnupg.org, locate the most recent
windows installer (don't be afraid about the source codes... that is
mainly for linux people and developers). Then go to mozilla.org, and...
then install all that and..."

> But It was discussed here before.
> If you have no control on your hardware, you cannot have your keys safer.

  Yes, that is true... I don't carry the primary key in the usb memory
stick, and I usually just use it on friend's computers, my friends
usually know how to stay free from virus and other unwanted stuff...

  Best Regards

>>>> |       I have been carrying portable thunderbird with portable gnupg in
>>>> | my flash memory stick, plus GPGShell, and it works fine. But GPGShell
>>>> | licence forbids to redistribute it. The idea is to make that "combo"
>>>> | available for download... it is not making any modification, just saving
>>>> | the "end user" the problem of having to install these apps by themselves
>>>> | (also, to put GPGShell in the flash drive, the user needs to have it
>>>> | already in his computer).
>>>> You're not allowed to distribute Enigmail (or any other extension)
>>>> preinstalled with Thunderbird, so even if you get some other frontend
>>>> for GPG, you still have that problem.
>  Good point... however, installing an extension in Thunderbird is a lot
> easier than installing something in the computer... the main problem is
> to make gpg +gui available without the need to install (I mean, without
> the need to use an installer) it... something like a zipped combo...

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