GPG2 compile problems on cygwin

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Thu Jul 10 05:41:52 CEST 2008

Kevin Hilton wrote:
> Perhaps the belongs in development section.

Ummm, yeah. It does.

> Again have never successfully compiled gpg2 for cygwin.  I'm trying to
> compile gnupg2 svn version 4797.  I'm getting following error (I've
> received same error with many of previous revisions also:)

You should take that as a sign. The canonical response here is that building for
Win32 is only supported on Gnu/Linux systems using the MinGW cross-compile

It took a LOT of effort on the 1.3 tree to get GnuPG 1 to build cleanly on an
MSYS hosted MinGW. Even then, there were still small nits that showed up and
were fixed later.

Before building trunk head revisions, it's best to first verify that you have a
working build environment by building a release version using release, not
development, versions of any dependent libraries.

Building from the svn head is for folks who know about the pitfalls of life on
the Bleeding Edge of software development. They also know why it's called
Bleeding and they're willing to deal/live with those reasons.

> libcommon.a(libcommon_a-convert.o): In function `do_bin2hex':
> /home/klal/temp/gnupg/gpg2/common/convert.c:120: undefined reference to
> `_gcry_malloc'

From just a cursory look, it looks like the linker isn't finding libgcrypt. Did
you build and install it? Where?

Which library is configure finding and where? If it's finding a Cygwin copy,
have you installed the dev package for it... Have you tried telling configure to
look in some other location, eg --with-<package>=/usr/local ?

There's nothing in 2.x that I need so I haven't invested effort in getting it
built/running on any of my Windows boxen, so there's not much specific guidance
I can furnish.

AIR, There are "latest & greatest" GnuPG 2.0 Win32 binaries at the GPG4Win site

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