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Bhushan Jain bhushan1988 at
Thu Jul 10 15:40:07 CEST 2008

I am using Bouncy Castle Libraries(a JAVA library for PGP
encryption(rfc2440)) for encrypting the files.
If I use any other extension than .gpg for the output encrypted file and try
to decrypt the file using command-line GnuPG the following error message is

Unknown Suffix.

Now if I change just the extension of the same encrypted file to .gpg and
then try to decrypt using GnuPG, it works fine.

Also, due to similar experiences what I have understood is that GnuPG
supports following extensions for following cases:---

Encryption----->  .gpg

Sign-------------->   .asc

I don't know if my understanding is correct or not. Can someone please state
clearly which extensions are supported by GnuPG for following file

1. Encrypt only
2. Sign only
3. Encrypt and sign

Bhushan Jain
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