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Bhushan Jain bhushan1988 at
Fri Jul 11 14:08:23 CEST 2008

I just want to know if there is some standard used by GnuPG  in terms of
extensions so that if I create an encrypted file or only signed file or
signed and encrypted file using my own program, then the respective files
would be compatible to GnuPG.

Please suggest me the extensions I should use for the following file

  1. Encrypt only
  2. Sign only
  3. Encrypt and sign

Also if I create my own extensions say 3 different extensions for the above
3 type of files then will the encrypted files be compatible with GnuPG?

If not which are the extensions the GnuPG would be compatible with?


> Bhushan Jain escribi?:
> > Also, due to similar experiences what I have understood is that GnuPG
> > supports following extensions for following cases:---
> >
> > Encryption----->  .gpg
> >
> > Sign-------------->   .asc
> >
> > I don't know if my understanding is correct or not. Can someone please
> > state clearly which extensions are supported by GnuPG for following file
> > types:--------
> >
> > 1. Encrypt only
> > 2. Sign only
> > 3. Encrypt and sign
>   As far as I know (mainly, by checking and unchecking the "Armored
> ASCII" option in gpgshell, .gpg files can be encrypted or signed (or
> detached signature) files... and .asc are also those kind of files, but
> with the "standard" extension, used by pgp. In other words, gpg files
> are for use with gpg (and programs gpg compatible... like uncompressing
> a zip file using winrar), and asc files are for any program capable of
> openpgp standard... But I may be wrong about the compatibility thing. I
> am sure about you can chose if you want to use gpg file extension, or
> asc file extension, to perform the same task.
>  Best Regards...
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