File Extensions supported by GnuPG

Bhushan Jain bhushan1988 at
Thu Jul 17 08:47:25 CEST 2008

Thanks for the reply. It was really a lot informative and well
explained. But I am sorry that it still doesn't solve the problem.
I am attaching with this mail an original file, a file encrypted and
signed having an extension .gpgasc,a zip folder containing my
keys(both secret and public)(it contains a single key for a single
user) and the password for the secret key is "bhushan".

The error for the command gpg --decrypt-files license.txt.gpgasc  is :------

gpg: license.txt.gpgasc: unknown suffix

You can check it if you wish to..........
And then as soon as I change the extension from .gpgasc to .gpg
The file gets decrypted correctly and the signature is verified.

I am not understanding why?
Please help me!

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