GPG Command Line Question

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jul 17 21:19:02 CEST 2008

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 19:23, sbly585 at said:

> In reading the docs it looks as if "gpg --export-minimal ..." should  
> work, but I keep getting invalid command messages. What is the proper  
> syntax, please?

This is not a regular option but an argument to the export-options option:

  $ gpg --export-options help
  export-local-sigs           export signatures that are marked as local-only
  export-attributes           export attribute user IDs (generally photo IDs)
  export-sensitive-revkeys    export revocation keys marked as "sensitive"
  export-reset-subkey-passwd  remove the passphrase from exported subkeys
  export-clean                remove unusable parts from key during export
  export-minimal              remove as much as possible from key during export

Thus you want something like:

  $ gpg --export-options export-minimal --export 0x12345678



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